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      Health News
      Trusts count cost of A&E police
      A better way
      NHS puts cuts plans to government
      'Cheeky warning'
      Mini portion plea for food makers
      Who are the real hypochondriacs - men or women?
      Beta-blockers 'cut cancer spread'
      US passes health law amendments
      Parents urged to cut home smoking
      Health records security 'too lax'
      Bionic eye to get long-term trial
      Exercise 'key' to weight loss
      NHS managers on the rise
      China faces 'diabetes epidemic'
      New House vote on US health bill
      Judicial review on tainted blood
      Pharmacy code keeps belief opt-out
      Pharmacists keep belief opt-out
      Sleep crime
      Cardiff pilots free vitamins
      Warning on hospital death rates
      NHS plans £4bn 'efficiency' cuts
      Is 'man flu' just an excuse or the real deal?
      Does 'man flu' really exist?
      New drug hope in fight against TB
      Patient risk of too few hospital pharmacists
      X-rays 'can miss many fractures'
      High alcohol price 'benefits all'
      Doctors urge full car smoking ban
      Obama signs health bill into law
      Mephedrone 'likely to face ban'
      GPs call for longer appointments
      The dishes in paintings of the Last Supper 'have grown super-sized'
      Designer gown
      200 baby deaths 'each year in NI'
      Watchdog's anti-E. coli cash plea
      A&E target 'risks patient safety'
      Patients fight bone drug ruling
      'Good fat' cuts heart risk by 20%
      Patients want a 'say in services'
      Nobel Prize-winning inventor dies
      Jade effect
      US House passes key health bill
      Seaweed 'key to tackling' obesity
      Hospitals 'lacking 400 doctors'
      Infertility prostate cancer clue
      Air pollution 'early deaths link'
      Non-smokers lung cancer gene clue
      Pharmacies 'ease GP pressure'
      Universal health checks for Scots
      'Make a sandwich'
      Call for better therapy treatment
      Damaging delay
      Hip treatment
      Advising soaps
      Setback for cancer test hopes
      Addicted to love?
      Young tech addicts who can't quit the screen offered treatment
      Stem cell windpipe op 'success'
      Budget pressures
      Acupuncture infection 'link'
      Obese maternity care risk warning
      Obese maternity care risk
      Infection warning on child deaths
      World Cup travellers urged to get swine flu jab
      Pill popping
      Brain probe hope for epileptics
      Hypnotherapy 'can help gut pain'
      Concern over nutrition training
      Hospital death boss in pay appeal
      Lazy food
      Subconscious sell
      'Poor attitude' is blocking organ donations
      NHS 'should axe quarter of beds'
      NHS 'should axe many more beds'
      Morning-after pill stash 'no use'
      GP wants 'visitor bed ban' lifted
      Doctor's 'disregard for safety'
      Damning hospital probe cost £1.7m
      Early balding 'cuts cancer risk'
      Forensic role for hand bacteria
      'Pain' warning over spending cuts
      GPs 'overrun with minor ailments'
      Sports fans urged to donate sperm
      Low-quality nursery food warning
      Surgeons use neck muscle grafts to create the 'perfect pout'
      Neck muscle lip grafts on offer
      Impotence 'link to heart death'
      Social care 'must be made fairer'
      Device allows blind soldier to 'see' with his tongue
      Call for children's fitness tests
      Surgeon's patients tell of ordeal
      Care home neglect highlighted
      Think it's all over?
      Many baby hip cases 'ignored'
      'Too many' baby hip cases ignored
      Sleep lessons could cheer up grumpy teenagers say experts
      Cancer patients 'miss out' on £8m
      No quick fix for diabetes risk
      Skin cancer battle
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